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2020 TRAM Showcase

For the first time, TRAM has had concurrent TRAM Track and Runway cohorts in second semester 2020. With nine teams in Track and four in Runway from five different University of Melbourne faculties, our end of program event has evolved so that you have the opportunity to hear from and network with all of our teams.

Previous years have seen impressive emerging entrepreneurial talent and fantastic networking opportunities. This year we’ll be bringing this magic into the comfort of your own home. Join us in applauding the innovation, energy, grit and determination of this cohort.

TRAM Track teams

We’ll be celebrating the efforts of our nine TRAM Track teams for diving headfirst into entrepreneurship, transforming both their research and their thinking. 

With a nod to their inspiring progress during this challenging period, this virtual event will share each team’s entrepreneurial journey, what they’ve learnt from engaging with customers, and where to next. 

You can read more about the TRAM Track teams here.

TRAM Runway teams

This year’s virtual event will celebrate each TRAM Runway team’s incredible evolution in realising real-world impact. Our four TRAM Runway teams have worked tirelessly over their 12-week journey toward achieving commercial potential, and this is their chance to share their progress, their plans for success, and how you can help.

You can read more about the TRAM Runway teams here.

Join us to see an impressive display of the combined cohort’s entrepreneurial spirit, and what each of their future adventures entail. Whatever comes their way – they’ll be ready for it. 

Event Information


3.00pm - 4.30pm


29 Oct



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